Friday, August 27, 2010

Heinrich gets a nude massage

New Massage clips on - Heinrich, Oliver Starr, Tyler James, Travis James!


 Travis James

 Tyler James

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Larger Format Books

Since May 2010, my new photo books are now being published in a larger format.

The first 200 or so of my books were printed in the 8" x 6" format, to accommodate publishing standards that existed in 2007 when the opportunity to publish books first arose.

Now, standards have changed, making 7" x 10" portrait books more accessible.  You will now see my new books in the larger 7" x 10" format.

This also makes my books eligible for acquisition by Libraries, and by a wider variety of on-line resellers and retailers.

But you can always find my books on  - available as softcover books, as PDF downloads, as Kindle books and/or as photo slide shows.

Male Nude Photography- Men Of The OC (7x10)

Photo slideshows from my books

For those of you who like watching your computer do all the work!, many of my books feature slideshows of the photos from the books.

Video Slide Shows
63 books now have companion video slide shows!
Now you can instantly download - for $1.99ea - a video slide show of the pictures from many of these books. (As a .MP4 file which can be viewed on your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or PC).
 Now you can view the Nick Baer Gallery Slideshows, without downloading, using yourMANcheck subscription.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Book! Heinrich!

There are 244 books in the Nick Baer Gallery!
The newest is:
Male Nude Photography- Heinrich (7x10)

View By Themes -
Asian, Men's Feet, Classic Fetal, Men's Hands, Touch Your Toes, Shower, In Speedo, In Singlet, In Jocks, Laughing Bobby, Polish Jocks.
View Compilation Books of Many Male Models.View Solo Portfolio Books of Male Models.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kindle Books - now available on for UK readers

Great news!  

My photo books are now available in the United Kingdom UK   Kindle Store, as well as the worldwide US based  .

For those of you in the UK , this allows you to shop the Amazon UK store, and use GBP  as your currency, rather than USD.

All of the same titles are there for you to choose from.